confessions of a techie toy-a-holic

I confess that I love techie toys.  I confess that I couch my love and need of techie toys in the phrase ‘ for my job’ (I use many aspects of technology in my jobs).  I confess that I really do know that while these toys are useful in my job, I just love them anyway.  After reaching the end of my denial phase – I don’t need an iPad, what would I use an iPad for………. I decided that I just had to have an iPad… I came up with a multitude of reasons I  needed it and how it would enhance my bag of tricks used in my job……  I started the budget envelope approach – save the money first, buy after and just as I got to the point that I was ready to buy – iPad with 3G


And now I confess……..  I am a techie toy-a-holic to my core!!!!!!!!!!


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painting fabric

This is my 2nd time painting fabric – I painted t-shirts and jeans and sneakers 30 years ago with thick acrylics that dried quickly and were not very forgiving in the process.  But I loved them anyway!!

This time I had a small piece of white Kona cotton that I painted with Seta – Color.  I thinned them significantly and just let them move on their own.  I was very nervous initially and then realized nothing could go wrong as it would be what it would be.  This piece was just to see what the paints would do……..

After the piece was dry I hung it up on the wall, took it down, stuck it on the top of a pile of other fabrics, rolled it up and put it away, took it back out and started the entire process again.  This piece of fabric has many miles on it!!!

I decided after all this looking, that it looked like a bag to me so I layered it with a piece of batting – very dense (Quilter’s Dream Green) to give it shape without stiffness.  It is lined with a scrap of pink cotton from the leftovers basket.  A little embroidery, a few buttons…..

I finished the edges with many runs of zigzag in colored thread first and then topped with a multicolored metallic for just a touch of shine.

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socks, socks and more socks

I am a knitter of socks.  I knit when I get up in the morning while drinking my coffee and before getting ready for work (usually around 4:30am).  I love being up at that time of the morning………  all is quiet, the critters are still sleeping (in the case of Nano he has gone back to sleep after getting his early morning cookie).  It’s dark out, the news is on quietly on the tv, I am the only one up and about and I am knitting.  One of the nicest parts of the day.  I miss it when it does not happen.  Knitting socks is very relaxing for me.
As I said I am a knitter of socks.  I only knit socks, not because I am picky but because I don’t understanding knitting instructions and I have committed the sock directions to memory.  My mother in law taught me to knit socks – I can do a basic scarf as well as directions are not necessary – decide how wide and how long and start knitting.  I sell the socks I make in my online store

I also give my socks away, make them for gifts and wear them when my feet are cold. I use a wide variety of yarns – wool, cotton, acrylic as well as various thicknesses.  Sometimes I mix it all up and other times I diligently follow a color pattern.  My favorite socks are acrylic yarn made on a size 2 circular needle with the knot ends left hanging.  I wear these as slippers around the house and with my crocs when the weather is not really appropriate for wearing crocs.

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Plotting and Planning……..

I find I do my best plotting and planning as I drive to work work each day.  My brain is just full of wonderful ideas which continues as I move through the day at work.  I think, I write notes, I think some more and then I get into the car drive home and continue thinking.  I pull into the driveway, walk into the house and now that I have the opportunity to do something with all that thinking, I find that it has dribbled out of brain and is now gone………….  How about you??

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Hello world!

I love traditional quilts.  Those made with time worn patterns as well as those made from modern patterns.  I don’t like to make those quilts. I don’t do well with directions.  I find I learn by doing, and making mistakes and finding those mistakes and then deciding how not to make that mistake again My interest in quilt making is in more original work….  choosing the fabrics and then designing.  Deciding from all the options where each piece of fabric will go.  That is not to say that I don’t make more traditional quilts, I do.  I recently started doing art quilts.  What could be more fun than throwing out all the rules and just doing it!

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